Wildland Team

The Highland Rescue Wildland Team is a specialty team created to provide Wildland fire EMS support. Highland Rescues district is in an urban Wildland area, because of this, the potential for wildfire in our district is very high. Members of the team will be trained in Wildland fire safety and will have an understanding of Wildland fire behavior. The team would be called up to respond to fires in the district providing EMS support by having trained and equipped EMS personnel closer to the fire line. Highland Wildland Team members may be required, if asked by the IC, to perform suppression duties.

Highland follows the strict rules of the National Wildland Coordinating Group (NWCG) PMS 310-1 (Wildland Qualification Guide) in making sure you are nationally qualified and ready to respond to wildfires. Team members will get the initial Wildland firefighter training, Firefighter 2 (S-130) and basic Wildland fire behavior (S-190). There are no training fees for the class at Highland. From there you will enter your “green” year where your training will continue and knowledge tested. You will be mentored though this process and required to attend the Wildland Team trainings to help facilitate your growth as both a Wildland team member and individual Highland member. In order to maintain your active status with the Highland Wildland Fire Team you must be in good standing with the department and meet all of your Highland member required duties. Annually team members will need to complete a Fire line Safety course (RT-130) and a pack test. The pack test is a 3 mile walk not run or jog, in 45 min with a 45 lb. pack the pack test will be held annually a few times in the late winter early spring.