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CORA Request Form

Please fill out the following online form to submit a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request for Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District. If you have trouble accessing the form or need accommodation, please contact the District Administrator at or 303-526-9571. You will receive a response within 3 business days.

Full Name of Person Requesting Records
Mailing Address

Please choose how you would like your records delivered in the following menu. Your options are: A hard copy mailed via USPS; an electronic copy via email; or you can request to inspect the items in-person. The District Administrator will be in contact within 3 business days to set up an appointment for in-person inspection.

For the research, location, and retrieval of documents, there will be a $30.00 per hour charge, with the first hour at no charge. Copies in standard size and format will be charged at the rate of $.25 per page. Copies for a format other than a standard page (such as photographs, large maps, printouts) will be charged at the actual cost of production. Enter your full legal name in the Signature field to accept these terms.

You will be contacted with a cost estimate of your request within 3 business days of submitting this form. The District Administrator will provide you with an estimate of costs for services (deposit) to approve before work begins. If additional costs are to be charged, you will be contacted before costs are incurred with another deposit estimate.

For questions or accommodations, please contact District Administrator Laura Cardon at or 303-526-9571.