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Wildland Fire Team

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About Highland Rescue Wildland Fire Team

The Highland Rescue Wildland Fire Team is a specialty team that provides EMS and medical support on wildland fires. Since Highland Rescue’s district is in a Wildland Urban Interface, the potential for wildfire activity is high. Highland Rescue created and maintains this specialty team to allow for qualified personnel to support wildfire operations within the District.

The team responds to wildfires in the District to provide dedicated support to wildland fire operations, allowing for routine EMS coverage to be maintained. Members of the team meet National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) requirements and serve in fireline medical positions. Team members, when available, also deploy to state and national wildfires and other natural disasters.


The mission of the Highland Rescue Wildland Fire Team is to provide medical based services to wildland fires and other all hazard incidents, within the District, and the greater community.


The vision of the Highland Wildland Fire Team is to be a preferred medical resource for wildland fire operations and all hazard incidents locally and nationally.


  • Quality Patient Care
  • Incident Support
  • Community Interaction

Contact Us

For more information contact Highland Rescue Wildland Team Coordinator Carl Joyce at

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