PRN Paramedic

Job Posting

Position Title:  PRN Paramedic
Location:  Highland Rescue Team Ambulance District
Pay:  $20 per hour

Benefits:  Negotiable.  We can offer PTO, medical and retirement.

Classification:  Non-exempt

Shift:  As needed, 12-hour (7-7) shifts. Likely about 2 shifts/month.

Posting Period:  Nov 8, 2021 - Dec 3rd, 2021

Application Deadline:  Dec 10, 2021

Application:  Online here.  A
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ubmit CV or resume to

District Information

Highland provides 24/7 emergency medical services and transport for both Genesee Fire and Foothills Fire Districts, including the communities of Genesee, Lookout Mountain and Idledale.  Our station, located at Highway 40 and Lookout Mountain Road, houses our 3 ALS ambulances and 1 rescue vehicle, providing a central location for responding to our 33.5 square mile district.  The District also covers five open space areas and 8 miles of Interstate 70.  We run about 650 calls annually and are primarily staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Position Requirements

  1. Must possess a valid Colorado driver’s license
  2. Must maintain a favorable driving record and maintain insurability with district insurance carriers for the operation of emergency vehicles
  3. Minimum certifications:
    1. Current Colorado paramedic certification
    2. AHA ACLS or equivalent
    3. AHA BLS or equivalent
  4. Preferred certifications:
    1. PHTLS or equivalent
    2. AHA PALS or equivalent
  5. Experience working as a transporting paramedic.  You will need to be comfortable working as the sole ALS provider on scenes.
  6. Experience working with or as a volunteer.  You should understand the complexity of working in a combination department.

Job Expectations

  • Act as lead medical provider on emergency calls
  • Act as mentor for new EMTs, AEMTs and paramedics
  • Maintain all required certifications
  • Attend a minimum of 6 hours of in-house continuing education annually
  • Provide direction to other personnel and make decisions concerning medical situations
  • Treat patients appropriately, following applicable medical protocols
  • Accurately and legibly complete required reports and forms
  • Ensure ambulances, supplies and equipment are in good working order
  • Assist other team members as necessary and ensures they are familiar with all aspects of their job
  • Consistently foster a positive work environment for all members
  • Help educate the public about issues relating to the provision of EMS in the district
  • Maintain a professional appearance and demeanor while on duty